going back to work after maternity leave + what we've been up to this summer!

It's almost here.  I've been dreading July 23rd since I found out I was pregnant - the day I'm expected to return back to work.

Work.  As if raising two young kids plus my teenage step-daughter isn't work enough as is.  This entire year has flown by like crazy.  It was almost like a blink and you miss it moment.  I'm guessing that part of it had to do with Baby Z being my second child and the other part was that I didn't have the luxury of sleeping when baby slept.  This time around, I had to entertain a preschooler {Lil J} and do the school runs from Monday - Friday.  It was almost like a relief when Lil J was a preschool four times a week because I could actually get things done - errands, blog posts, etc.  The one time I tried to take a nap while Lil J was at preschool, I didn't hear my alarm go off and was almost late picking him up.  Needless to say, I didn't do that again.

Along with school runs, nap times, bath times, story times and bedtimes, I also had the opportunity to meet a number of inspirational ladies that I wouldn't have had the pleasure of knowing had it not been for this little blog.  I was going to events around the city every week, getting weekly packages in the mail for product reviews, and using my blog as an outlet to document our current life.

Last week, the kids and I were making the most of the amazing hot summer weather Vancouver has been having.  We spent a day at the airport {YVR} for #TakeOffFridays:

Took Lil J to his first summer gymnastics class:

Wandered Oakridge Mall like mall rats and made wishes at the water fountains when we needed shade and cool air:

Went to the beach three or four times and fit in a little bike ride:

We also had a few park play dates and survived Lil J's first all-day temper tantrum.

And on Saturday, we had a busy day with another gymnastics class, a trip to the Maple Ridge Caribbean Festival and a family night out with the kids and my nephew at the Vancouver Canadians game!

Although July 23rd is inevitable, I'm just enjoying my last week with the kids before I jump back into the adult world.

We can't wait to hear how you've been spending your summer so far!

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