introducing our newest family member

Before you jump to any conclusions, let me clear up a few things.  First of all, we do not have a pet and, secondly, it's not a baby (haha!).  Confused yet?  Allow me to introduce you to Bob!

Hopefully you're not thinking I've gone mad.  Bob is simply our 'pet' vacuum, also known as bObsweep PetHair.  I know we technically don't have a pet, but we do have two little ones that are known to make just as much mess (if not more) as say, a family dog.  It seems like every time I sweep or vacuum, huge mounds of crumbs start accumulating within a blink of an eye.  Then they go about their merry way and guess who's stuck with cleaning the mess up?  Well, since we've welcomed Bob into the family, it's definitely not me anymore!

Bob comes fully loaded and you may even feel a little intimated by all of his accessories, but don't worry because he comes with detailed instructions and a help line should you feel the need to reach out to a real live person ;)

Before I could read the instructions, Jadon started unpacking the box and, upon inspection, told me where each piece went and how to install them.  Of course, I ended up reading all of the instructions front to back and came up with the same conclusion as Jaodn.  It's always nice to be schooled by your seven year old.

Once Bob was fully charged, both Jadon and Zoe were ready to put him to work!

So we now have a new morning ritual and a couple of eager kids fighting over who contributes to the 'housework', aka who gets to turn on Bob - haha!

My conclusion?  I found that it took time for Bob to be accustomed to his new home and we had to be patient while he got used to his surroundings.  Sometimes it helped him to move furniture out of his way when he got confused.  We also learned not to leave any cords lying around, as Bob may think it's 'food' and swallow it up.  I love that you can set a schedule for Bob to clean - this includes set days and time (cue cheers from parents all over the world).  With our busy work schedules, it really helps to not have to worry about yet another chore.

Thanks, Bob, for making our lives easier!


PS:  Bob is available for purchase on Amazon.  You can thank me later :)

Disclosure:  All opinions in this review remain my own and do not reflect the opinions or views of bObsweep PetHair and/or their affiliates.  We received a bObsweep PetHair in order to complete this review.  

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