Our 4 Angels Beauty Care Experience + a Giveaway!

When it comes to beauty, whenever I find an expert in their field that blows me away with their expertise, personality and knowledge, I typically stay with them. Basically, once I’ve found you, I’m extremely loyal to you.  This meaning I have a hair guy, a nail girl, my go-to lash lounge and a waxing lady.  I had a girl that did my eyebrows a couple of times but she became a bit too expensive so, when it came time for some brow maintenance, I decided to check out 4 Angels Beauty Care, which provides brow threading/waxing services along with a number of other beauty services.
And then I had her. My new brow lady. I’ve never quite experienced what I experienced with Navkiran at her gorgeous brow studio, 4 Angels Beauty Care.  She has a very warm aura, is extremely kind and personable, and very attentive to her clients.  Navkiran could see what needed to be done on my brows {I have a lot of random empty spaces that I usually fill in with a brow pencil} and determined a course of natural treatment to help my pesky brows grow in properly.


The Perfect Roadtrip Accessory - Heinz Little Kids Toddler Snacks!

Being a family that’s always on-the-go, I’ve finally caved into the world of convenience. I’ve also found out that it’s not a bad thing – especially when the kids enjoy it and it keeps them quiet.

Just saying!

When I think of Heinz Baby, I think of baby food and baby-only products.  While Heinz does carry a number of options for babies, they also have food and snack options geared towards the toddler age group, which was perfect for my littles!
We had the opportunity {or should I say the kids had the opportunity} to try a few of Heinz Baby’s toddler products while we were on our mini vacation in Bellevue a few days ago, including their food pouches and new oatmeal bars.  While the recommended age for their toddler snacks is 1 to 4 years, that didn’t stop Jadon from trying out the oatmeal bars {and begging for more!}.

The kids seemed to really enjoy Heinz Baby’s toddler snacks as we went about shopping, dining and visiting family.  I love that they come in small, convenient packages that I can easily throw into my purse or the kids’ lunch bags.  These days it seems the less hassle, the better!
Heinz little kids toddler snacks came on vacation with us!


Sunshine and Shenanigans: Our Plans for Summer 2014! #KINDERMom

I almost can't contain my excitement for what lies ahead the next couple months!  Even if we don't go on vacation to some exotic place far away, I'm certain I'll be just content right here, right where I am.  The reason?  Summer and sunshine!
It always seems like the sun is missing in our part of the world for the majority of the year.  So for those two months that we get strictly sunshine {fingers crossed!} and hot bikini weather, we're ready to hit the beach, take a trip across the border or simply take a staycation.
This year we don't have any definite plans and I feel like we'll just go with the flow.  I actually prefer it when things aren't planned - it always turns out more exciting and no one is disappointed if things don't go as planned!  Whatever we end up doing, we'll be sure to bring our Kinder® Surprise® eggs with us:
We actually just came back from a mini vacation across the border in Bellevue, Washington {post coming soon!}.  Sasha was preparing to visit her mother in her home country and we were able to visit her extended family, with who we've become quite close with.  It was a relaxing and perfect way to start the summer!

The only "planned" activities or events that we go to every summer would have to be the different festivals we have around town, park playdates, girls' nights {SwankSaturdays' anybody?}, a week-long vacation at the end of August {maybe a staycation?}, and some rest and relaxation time with the family.  All I know is that I can't wait for the weekend!

What do you have planned this summer?

Fall in Love with Over The Loom + a Giveaway!

With all the craziness leading up to Zoe's birthday party, I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I almost forgot to plan the birthday girl's outfit!  After all, it's the most important detail of the day - besides all the little party details, of course.

Thankfully, Angel Kho from Over The Loom saved the day {and my sanity} with a gorgeous dress that went perfectly with the party's mint green colour scheme.  Made out of soft tulle, the Knox Tulle dress fit Zoe perfectly {with room to grow!} and received many compliments and admirers.  I think the pictures speak for themselves!

While browsing Over The Loom’s website, it’s hard not to fall in love with every single item. Their dresses, skirts and outfits have a girlish, old-world charm about them – think lace detailing, tulle and princess-inspired dresses.  While I was a little worried that lace and tulle would mean that Zoe would get limited wear out of her outfits, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fabrics, as well as the construction of the dresses and skirts.

We also love the versatility of Over The Loom’s skirts!  Not only will Zoe be able to wear them for dressy occasions but she’ll also be able to pair them with casual tops for everyday wear, such as a day at the park.  Here's Zoe showing off her Isabella Tulle Skirt in Apricot:

{Win It!}


Scrunchies are back with Chelsea King + an Instagram Giveaway!

Cheers to the weekend!
When we were getting ready for our Vegas trip {which happened almost a month ago – time flies!}, I was trying to think of something cute and fun that I could gift the girls, and it had to be something that they could use in Vegas, as well as over and over again once we returned back to reality {our reality meant Vancouver, BC}.

I came across Chelsea King on Instagram and we instantly hit it off!  Not only are they a local company, but they’re bringing back a trend that is all too familiar with those growing up in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s – the SCRUNCHIE!

Yes, you heard right!  The scrunchie is back and it’s back with style.  Owners, designers and sisters, Emily and Olivia, are the creative minds behind Chelsea King which started out as a hobby and is now growing into a successful {not to mention popular!} business.