the freakin' fours - figuring out how to deal

With the twos come the terrible twos, the threes are the testing threes and the fours?  So far that seems like it's in a whole other league.

I can't explain it. The minute Lil J turned four, everything was fine and dandy. Nothing exciting happened drastically in terms of personality. In fact, he may have been acting a little more mature - because apparently that's what four does to you. 

And then. And then came a week later. It hit us completely out of the blue and we were so confused.  We were so not prepared.

While shopping at our local mall after Lil J's weekly gymnastics class, we went to the Lego Store and then let him run around in a kids play area.  When it was time to leave, he asked to see the mechanical ride-on horses, dogs and cars and just kept whining.  Hubby got annoyed and thought he was asking to go back to the Lego Store so he told Lil J that we were leaving.

Then all hell broke loose.

Like a loose cannon out of hell.

I'm talking full on, jumping up and down, screaming, crying, whining, dragging himself on the floor, more screaming and more crying.  He was that uncontrollable kid that everyone stares at.  The one where you wonder why the parent has no control over their kid.  The scene that is unfolding right before your very eyes and all you want to do is crawl into the hole and bury yourself deep down inside.

Part of me though it was comical.  I mean, here's Baby Z at 13 months - calm as a cucumber and not making any noise at all.  Then there's Lil J who's acting like he's four months old instead of four years old.  And it didn't stop there.  It went on and on and on - for the entire freaking day.


Finally, I got so fed up that I started filming his outbursts so I could play it back to him.  And that I did:

So what did Lil J do?  He laughed at himself.  And then two minutes later something would set him off again and out came the devil.  I kept wondering if it was because he was hungry {probably} and kept offering him food.  He refused.  Then I thought he must be tired.  Especially after all that screaming.  I was tired just watching him!

{Did you watch the video?  Because I swear he was acting the entire time.  Who switches on their emotions on and off like that?  Who?!}

The next day there was a little residual of Lil J's crazy emotions lingering around.  He had a couple of crying outbursts but nothing that could top the day before.  The rest of this week {so far} has been tantrum free {fingers crossed!}.

Do you think the fours are worst than the twos and threes?

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