GLAM Experience - VancouverMom.ca's 2013 Top 30 #Vancouver Mom Bloggers Event #VM2013


I couldn't wait for this night to come.  There was so much anticipation of this event amongst the Top 30 group of 2012.  This entire year had been full of late night Facebook chats with the ladies, words of encouragement and blossoming friendships.  Like I mentioned before, this group has supported and inspired me throughout my blogging journey over the past year.  I am still in awe with these ladies and am thankful that VancouverMom.ca has brought us all together.

This year I attended the Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger celebration, held at Secret Location, as an Ambassador with a number of alumni from 2012's Top 30.  We had a blast putting together name tags and catching up {as if we didn't do that already on the daily}.  It was completely different from my experience at last year's celebration when I hardly knew anyone and felt so intimidated because I thought everyone else was so much more experienced at blogging than I was.  Little did I know, most of the other bloggers had felt the same way.

I, along with Jen Kossowan of Mama Papa Bubba and Melissa Carr of The Thirties Grind, were in charge of making sure this year's Top 30 nominees knew their way around the venue, got their complimentary beverage, touched up their make-up and got their headshots done by the ever talented Bethany Schiedel of Images By Bethany.  It was very exciting to meet all of the nominees in person and chat a bit.  The energy in the room was amazing and it was so loud that the next morning, my voice was cracking from yelling all night!  Definitely a sign of a very successful night {as Natalia Nanton of NatNanton.com rightfully declared the next day}!

My date for the night was the lovely and gorgeous Jennifer Wilson from Vonbon:

Photo courtesy of Amy Lee of The Connection We Share 
Here are two of my favourite bloggers who were also part of last year's Top 30, Jen Kossowan and Lori McGrath of The Write Mama:

Photo courtesy of Amy Lee of The Connection We Share
And a group shot with more of last year's Top 30 nominees - Amy Lee, Melissa Carr and Jessica Blumel of North Shore Mama.

Photo courtesy of Amy Lee of The Connection We Share

I already can't wait until next year's celebration!  There's no better feeling than being in a room filled with creative, hard-working women who are not afraid to express their voices, feelings and beliefs through their inspiring blogs.

Thank you VancouverMom.ca!

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