Glam: 2013 Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger Celebration - Ambassador

"When I started this blog, I didn't expect anything to become of it."

This seems to be the norm amongst us "mommy bloggers" and it definitely rings true to me.  I started SwankMama just over three years ago as a journal to Lil J, and now Baby Z, without any goals to have it seen or be heard.  Sure I knew it was out there because, well, once a blog post is posted, it's out in the websphere forever.  But I didn't really expect anyone to actually read it.

Or did I?

Before SwankMama was named one of last years Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogs by VancouverMom.ca, I sort of used this blog as my silent voice - my picture wasn't visible and my real name definitely wasn't associated with it.  I was essentially embarrassed about my tiny, little blog.  I used it as a curtain to hide behind.  I sat there like a wallflower, not wanting to admit that I actually had a blog and definitely not wanting to promote it.

And then in comes VancouverMom.ca, ripping that curtain down and exposing my blog for what it's worth.  They thrust me out there and made me take ownership of my blog, my baby, SwankMama.  Am I ever glad they did!  Not only have I made more connections with brands that want to work with me and my blog, but I've made lifelong friends with women so supportive that, to this day, still blows me away.

These women are the other Top 30 of 2012 and they are amazing.  They want you to succeed and they are willing to help you succeed.  Talk about girl power!

Here's an inside look from last years celebration courtesy of VancouverMom.ca and Images of Bethany {unfortunately, no pictures of yours truly}:


Know a fabulous mom blogger?  Are you that fabulous mom blogger?  Nominate one/yourself today at VancouverMom.ca.  Only new nominees are accepted {sorry past winners!}.  Nominations close Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

{Glam:  2013 Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger Celebration}

Attend the event!  Meet the 2013 Top 30 and past winners in person, and come out and enjoy a night surrounded by the most influential women in Vancouver's blogosphere!  You'll be sure to have an amazing time and perhaps find some inspiration to start a blog of your own.  After all, moms know best!

Get your tickets here before they sell out.  Pre-sale tickets are available until Sunday, May 5th, early bird tickets are available until Friday, May 31st and regular tickets will be available until Wednesday, June 19th.

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