Fright Nights at Playland Review - Vancouver

We got a kick start to our Thanksgiving long weekend with a visit to Fright Nights – a local haunt at Playland at the PNE featuring seven haunted houses, 13 rides, The Monsters of Schlock stunt show and the Kinshira Performance Troupe. This is the second year in a row that I’ve brought Sasha and, let me tell you, it’s ten times more fun when you go with someone who is already terrified (and willing to go, I might add)!

As we arrived, we joked about the tall red-horned “monster” that terrorized her last year and talked with excitement (and slight fear) about the ghouls and zombies roaming around the Playland grounds. The actors are outfitted in full costume and makeup, and put on an amazing show playing their parts as characters in your worst nightmare, while making it a fun and frightening experience for all (I definitely don’t recommend Fright Nights for young children).
While we only had time to experience four out of the seven houses, it was more than enough terror for the night. Each haunted house has its own theme, including the abandoned Keepers Doll Factory, complete with goblins and creepy creatures adding to the anticipation and scary factor of the houses. There were a ton of screams, terrified hugs and cold shivers, but we survived and can’t wait to go back for a second round of pure terror!
Fright Nights runs from October 10th - November 1st on select nights.  Tickets are available online, at participating 7-Eleven locations and at Playland at the PNE gates.

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