Fright Nights at PNE/Playland 2013 Review

Every Halloween Miss S talks and talks {and talks} about what has become an annual tradition for us Vancouverites - Fright Nights at PNE/Playland!  This year we were invited to the media preview on the opening night last Friday and so, naturally, I took Miss S with me.  Call me crazy for not taking my hubby {and my 6'5'' brother-in-law} for protection - seriously!

Not only are there six haunted houses {we made it into four}, 12 rides and a freaky sideshow guaranteed to give you shivers down your spine - there's also those ghouls, haunted souls and creepy clowns walking around the fairgrounds with makeup and costumes that look so real, you'll be taking a second {and possibly third and fourth} look.
I asked this girl if she had contacts in her eyes.  She replied with a sinister grin, "Whatever are you talking about...?":

After we survived a couple of haunted houses {and, yes, they can be quite freaky at first}, Miss S and I ventured over to the south side of the fairgrounds only to encounter a giant in a red mask, who's eventual mission was to scare the living crap out of Miss S.  Here's a look at the aftermath:

I'm definitely recommending Fright Nights as a must-see this Halloween season and can't wait to go next year!  Fright Nights is open nightly from 7pm and tickets must be purchased for a specific night.
Enjoy your night at Western Canada's scariest haunt and be sure to share your most memorable scare of the night - if you survive...

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