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This post is an example of a case of "mom brain" as I had written it about three months ago but forgot to post it:

It seems these days my blog has taken a different turn and gone off track to what it was originally intended to be - a diary of sorts for myself  to remember my kids' milestones and for my kids to look back on one day and figure out what the heck Mommy was doing all those years.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm loving the attention and I love seeing PR pitches in my inbox, although some are not carefully thought out or properly pitched.  Exhibit A - I do not need boob mugs for anyone in my family, joke or not.

All PR jargons aside, I figure a post about the kids is past due.  So here it goes...

Baby Z is already eight months old!  Wow, I totally meant to do a post when she turned six months - ooops!  She's started solid foods and loves rice cereal and pretty much anything I give her.  I don't know what it is about the second child but sometimes I forget to feed her...?  The solids I mean, not the boob.  She's also had carrots {which she's sort of undecided on}, bananas, butternut squash and some random pre-made organic baby food.  I wish I had took a video of her expression when she first tasted the bananas {priceless!} but needless to say, she hated it.

We also learned something interesting at her six month check-up.  Baby Z is apparently in the 97th percentile for length and the 1 percentile for weight.  So basically, I have one long, lanky and light baby.  Sounds perfectly fine to me!

Speaking of her length, I swear she's gone through two sizes in the past few weeks.  I have to put her in 18 month sleepers but the rest of her clothes are right on par with her "age".  I guess sleepers are made for short babies?

I find myself doing a lot of comparing between Baby Z and Lil J.  I remember Lil J was average in size and he has always been one size up - at 3 months he was in 6-9 months, at two years he was in 3T, and so on.  It's so interesting to see how each kid is different but that shouldn't really be a surprise to us, should it?  I mean, we all know every person is different so why are we always surprised when our kids are different?  Just thought I'd put that out there.

Lil J is just doing amazing.  He brought his first report card home before Christmas break {yes, they do report cards in preschool!} and we just had his first parent/teacher interview {super cute!}.  As we suspected, he loves to challenge himself and is very outgoing at school.  I had to ask his teachers if he was ever aggressive with the other kids but they said he wasn't {whew!}.  Guess he acts a little different at home with his much older sister and cousins.

Kids.  They're so smart.

He's also loving his baby "ZoZo".  I should just refer to her as ZoZo from now on.  It's a nickname that Miss S started calling her, then Lil J, and now everyone calls her that.  Love it!  My hubby first said it sounds like Bozo the Clown {wtf?}.  I say he's the Bozo.

I can't wait to see Lil J and Baby Z grow up together.  They already have this inseparable bond and I can see them growing up with a wonderful sibling relationship - just like my own brother and I {except I was the older, bossy one *insert evil laugh*}.

My babies are growing up far too fast.  One minute they're teeny beings and the next they're arguing with you about bedtimes.  Ah, parenthood!  But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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