Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. Cooking Class Review + Giveaway

When you have a mother that's a self-proclaimed undomestic goddess {that doesn't really sound that bad, does it?!}, you always wonder if your kids are going to follow your footsteps into the domestically challenged club.

Luckily, from what I saw in Lil J at a recent cooking class with my fellow bloggy friends and their kids at Rocky  Mountain Flatbread Co., I have nothing to worry about!

Waiting patiently...

The kids started off their morning diving right into making a yummy mango guacamole.  Lil J and the kids had their hands full cutting avocados in half and mangoes in pieces, all while Mommy {me} stared in shock awe.  All I could think was that Lil J must be getting his kitchen skills elsewhere {preschool must be teaching him some important lifestyle skills that Mommy has been lacking} because my little man is a natural!

Baby Z checking out the cooking action

If that wasn't enough, Lil J grabbed a carrot and started peeling it!  With an actual peeler!  It took all my will power to not jump in and rescue his poor little fingers from a peeling mishap.  And what do you know - nothing happened except a nicely peeled carrot and 10lbs of carrot shavings:

Sound amazing so far?  Next up was an apple cinnamon popcorn which was super easy to make and apparently super yummy {I missed out on the samples while I was trying to entertain Baby Z}.

Finally, the kids had a chance to make their own individual pizzas!  My guy chose to top his with cheese and pepperoni - and what better way to make sure you have enough cheese than to sample it?!

While Lil J isn't a huge pizza fan, he ended up eating one slice of his special pizza and I ended up basically inhaling the rest.  If you haven't been to Rocky Mountain Flatbread yet, their flatbread pizza is a must.  The dough is delicious that my mouth is literally watering just thinking about it {seriously}!

{Win It!}

Head over to Rocky Mountain Flatbread's Facebook page for your chance to win two tickets to one of their Family Pizza Making Nights on either Sunday or Monday from 5-7pm!

{Did You Know?}

Rocky Mountain Flatbread also hosts kids parties!  Plan your next kids pizza making birthday party at Rocky Mountain Flatbread at either their Main St. or Kitsilano locations, where kids can make their own pizza complete with toppings, drinks and a chocolate brownie.

Disclosure:  The views expressed in this review are my own and do not reflect the opinions or views of Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.  We received a form of compensation in order to conduct this review.  Winner of the giveaway will be chosen by Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. and SwankMama is not responsible for the fulfillment of the giveaway.

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