the solar system according to a 3 year old

You may remember my dilemma when I was in the midst of choosing the perfect preschool for Lil J back in August and I'm happy to say that I did - 100% {and if you're going to say nothing is perfect, this school is d*mn well near perfect!}.

This evening I had an "out-of-this-world" conversation {pun intended} with Lil J or, I should say, it was a one-sided conversation with Lil J doing all of the talking.  It went a little something like this:

Lil J:  Mama, the solar system is in outer space

Me {in awe}:  Yes honey, it is!

Lil J:  And the planets closest to the sun are hotter.

Me:  Yes...

Lil J:  And the planets far away from the sun are colder and Mercury is the smallest and coldest.  Mercury is far away.

Me:  Mouth drops open.  Also wondering if it's true.

 Lil J:  And, mama, the planets spin around really, really fast.

It doesn't stop here.

Lil J:  Venus is hot.


Me {not expecting the right answer}:  What planet do we live on?

Lil J:  Earth is the planet we live on.  Everybody lives here!

Miss S:  What about the planets with the "things" around them?

Lil J:  Yeah, like the brim of a hat!

What are these teachers trying to do?  Create geniuses?  Seriously!

Lil J:  And the big planets are full of gas!  And comets are like fire and they come to Earth!  But asteroids, they don't.  They are rocks and they fly by Earth {hand gestures are showing us how close asteroids can get to Earth - very cool} and BOOM!

I'm pretty sure Lil J told me some other facts about the solar system but, seriously, my brain cannot take anymore.  It's filled with information that I didn't even know and I'm slowly processing it now as I type.  Mind.  Blowing.

Okay, enough about my kid.  I could brag all night long.  What interesting facts has your child learned at school that blew your mind?

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