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Lately I find myself reminiscing.  Reminiscing back to almost four years ago when Lil J was born and even almost a year ago when Baby Z entered our lives.  You don't realize how fast time flies especially after your second child.  It's not anything like just having a baby to look after.  It's a baby plus a toddler or preschooler.  And then everything happens so fast, by the time you look back they're already in kindergarten.  Or grade 8.  Or graduating university.  Or having their own kids.

To take myself back down memory lane, I decided to look through some of Lil J's baby pictures:

When Lil J was born, we had no idea what to expect and every little thing that Lil J did amazed us - from his first smile, his first coo, the first time he rolled over, the first time he crawled on his sister's tenth birthday and the first time he walked at 12 1/2 months.  All of these memories are forever etched in my mind and are a continuing reminder that we should enjoy the little things in life - such as a walking Lil J at eight days old:


Everything I did with Lil J was by the book:  breastfeeding for a year, solids at exactly six months, cows milk at one year and shots on schedule.  I made my own baby food and if I did give him prepared food, it was either organic or the main ingredient {eg: sweet potatoes} plus water.  No dyes or ingredients I couldn't pronounce.  I wanted everything that was going into his body to be as pure as possible.  To say I was anal wouldn't be too far from the truth!

Fast-forward to present day and we are blessed with an outspoken, outgoing boy with enough energy to make me secretly wish I could steal some.  You know the feeling when you're on your second cup of coffee and your child is sprinting up and down the hallway or jumping off couches, chairs, stairs {you name it!}, and you're just a little jealous?  That's me {every.single.day.} and I love it!

What is your most precious moment of your child{ren}?

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