a very {swank} holiday gift guide


Welcome to our very first holiday gift guide!  I hope you enjoy our guide as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  Happy Holidays and may you all be blessed with {swank} gifts!

{For The Ladies}

Hunter Rain Boots - Living in Vancouver brings only one thing to mind - rain.  What better way to gift your lady than with a pair of boots that she'll be wearing 95% of the time during Vancouver's rainy seasons? My personal favourites include the classic Original Tall Gloss, Belsize Beckley and Regent Clarence.  For ladies with a wider calf, there is an option in the form of Huntress.

Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Hand Cream - Immerse your hands into this silky soft hand cream and your skin will thank you.  I first tried this hand cream about a week ago and have never felt a cream that blends into your skin with such a silky texture - it literally does feel like cashmere!  And the delicious cupcake-y scent is a bonus!  Lil J said it smells like bananas - or banana bread.  Yum!

Tacori - This goes without saying!  Christmas is one of the most popular holidays for couples to get otherwise engaged and there's no classier way to say yes than with a Tacori engagement ring.  Every woman dreams of one day having that "bling" on their finger.  Crafted with style and class, Tacori engagement rings exude timeless elegance that can be passed onto generations to come.  Tacori was recently featured on The Bachelor Canada when Bachelor Brad Smith proposed to Bianka Kamber.

Naked by Urban Decay - While the name may be a little deceiving, this is actually an eye shadow palette from Urban Decay.  Extremely popular with the makeup obsessed, Urban Decay came out with the sequel to Naked last year aptly named Naked 2.  I have yet to try Naked but wouldn't mind seeing it in my stocking this year {*hint, hint!}.

Salt Spring Coffee Monthly Coffee Subscription - Every mom I know is fueled by caffeine, so I declare Salt Spring Coffee's monthly coffee subscription nothing short of genius!  With a choice between a 3 month, 6 month or ongoing subscription, this is a gift from heaven for all of our hard working mamas.  Salt Spring Coffee's current subscription pick is Metta Espresso - sweet, fruity and dark but not bitter.  And why not get her a Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler to hold all that caffeine goodness?  It keeps drinks hot for hours and, more importantly, it doesn't leak.  I recently lost mine and feel like I'm missing a limb {joking, of course!}.

{Made For Your Man}

WD TV Live Media Player - This hot item seems to be on every man's Christmas wish list this year.  If your man screams Mr. Entertainment {in a PG sort of way}, then this is the gift.  The WD TV Live Media Player allows the man in your life to connect to the internet and stream movies, listen to music, and access a multitude of other content at his leisure.  It even comes with a remote for those who are unable to get off the couch and walk two steps to push a button.  Score!

Microsoft Surface - My husband's mouth is watering at the thought of the Surface.  No, it's not a food item - it's Microsoft's version of a tablet and it comes with an optional keyboard for the ease of being able to type like a regular computer or laptop, but with the appeal of a tablet.  It's incredibly thin, light and has a highly durable exterior, which is perfect for when your kids decide to borrow take it.  It also has a built-in stand to make watching videos and viewing the screen a breeze.  Tech junkies will go crazy over this hot item, and if they happen to have a blogger wife {ahem!}, they shouldn't be too surprised if it suddenly goes missing.

EMU Australia Slippers - If your man cringes at the thought of his feet touching the cold hardwood floor as much as mine does, then these EMU Australia slippers are the perfect gift. It's a little on the pricey side for a pair of slippers but for the amount of money we spend on slippers every year, I'm positive that it's a great investment.  Made with the finest Australian sheepskin to keep your feet warm and toasty, double stitched seams and a hard-wearing durable sole, they will keep your man happy during those long, cold winter nights.

{Kid Tested, Kid Approved}

Stuck On You Labels - Face it, your kids are always losing something and the odds of that happening increase when they're in school.  Whether it's a toy or piece of clothing or something that they have an attachment to, you could only wish that that item had his or her name on it.  Stuck On You carries a stylish array of labels for everything your kids get their hands on, and they also have a personalized merchandise collection.  And who can forget their amazing Christmas gift ideas?

Wii U - The newest Nintendo creation has already hit stores and are selling out quickly.  Wii U comes with a gaming console and the touchscreen Wii U GamePad which works as two integrated screens, creating a whole new world of game playing experience.  It can also used by up to five players at one time {four controllers and a GamePad} or on-the-go with just the GamePad.  This gaming system is sure to be #1 on your kids' wishlists!

LUSH Handmade Cosmetics - LUSH recently launched a kid-friendly based product called FUN, which is a multi-purpose, moldable, dough-like, four-in-one phenomenon.  Lil J was lucky enough to play with FUN at LUSH's private product launch a couple months ago.  You can use FUN as soap, shampoo, bubble bath or moldable toy - let your kid  do the decision making for you!

EMU Australia Boots - While Mommy loves EMU Australia boots herself, did you know your mini-me's can also be equally stylish?  Spotted on the most famous tots around Tinseltown, including Gwen Stefani's boys and Heidi Klum's kids, EMU Australia has a variety of boots for toddlers to school-aged kids!  Who wouldn't want a cool pair of Croc boots from EMU's Little Creatures line or trendy Birkdale Lo's to match Mommy's style?  Extremely durable, warm and weather protected, EMU Australia boots are a swank addition to your child's wardrobe!

ivivva athletica - A sister brand created by yoga powerhouse Lululemon, ivivva was introduced to me by Miss S a few years ago.  Having similar styles to the popular Lululemon brand, ivivva caters towards the younger crowd {ages 4-14} seeking stylish yoga and workout wear.  Your daughter will be in heaven when she opens an ivivva gift!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Musical Pirate Ship - Can you guess who's wish list this toy is on?  From the TV to your living room, Jake's Musical Pirate Ship will for sure keep your little man occupied for hours.  Imagine trap doors and Bucky fighting off Hook and his crew to defend Jake's treasure.  It even comes equipped with a real working cannon, 25 action phrases and a catchy pirate-adventure song.  This is definitely the toy that grandparents will get their grandchildren just to drive the parents crazy!

Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies - Perfect for your preschooler, Skip Hop's Zoo Lunchies are the ultimate stylish lunch bag at a budget-friendly price.  Available at Raspberry Kids, Zoo Lunchies are durable to last an entire school year, if not longer, and come in a variety of friendly animals.  Lil J recently got his second one for the start of the preschool year.  Zoo Lunchies can be hand washed with soap and water and will dry overnight - just in time for the school run!

{The Littlest Ones}

Sophie the Giraffe - A popular teething toy for babies, Sophie is an adorable giraffe born in France in 1961.  Having been the trusted teething toy for over 50 years, Sophie will be your baby's number one go-to toy for comfort in soothing those pesky gums.

Ergo Baby Carrier - While pregnant with Baby Z, I kept having visions of me running after Lil J while baby was left behind in the stroller.  Luckily, I was gifted with an Ergo Baby carrier by my generous colleagues and it evidently saved my life and my back.  With its ergonomic design and one-inch foam shoulder straps, no mother should be without an Ergo!  She will be thanking you for many years to come.  Buy an Ergo for a new mom/mom-to-be now at Saf & Benjamin and don't forget the infant insert!

Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines - We all know babies love to sleep and parents want to have piece of mind that their little ones are safe and sound in dreamland.  Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines have the safest, softest and most stylish swaddles and sleep sacs I have ever seen!  The swaddle was a lifesaver for us when Baby Z was a newborn and she has been living in her sleep sac ever since the weather has gotten a little cooler.  Definitely worth the investment, Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines will be a nighttime favourite for babies and toddlers, and can be handed down to future children for years to come!

3 Sprouts Storage Box - You're going to need something to put all those toys in and it might as well be something cute - like 3 Sprouts Storage Box!  It's large enough to fit your baby's Christmas presents and can be stored in most cubby hole shelving units.

Hape Toys Checkout Register - What kid doesn't like pretending they're the ones behind the counter at the supermarket scanning the grocery items?  I remember practicing my scanning skills as a kid {and my first job was actually at a local supermarket!} and now our kids are lucky enough to experience the self-checkout at the grocery store, but nothing compares to owning your own Hape Toys' Checkout Register!  Crafted from wood and water based paint, this toy will last years down the road and will be a part of many childhood memories!

{For Everyone}

To Die For Christmas Box - Put together by Vancouver foodie extrodinarre, the gorgeous Erin Ireland, the To Die For Christmas Box is a selection of local items chosen by Erin herself.  Not one to shy away from the finest foods, including her own to die for banana bread, this special gift is sure to please the foodie on your list!

SodaStream - Love bubbles?  Gift the soda lover on your list with a SodaStream machine and they'll have carbonated drinks ready in an instant in the convenience of their own home!  Plus, think of all the bottles that will be saved just by using SodaStream.  Saving the environment and your bubble cravings, one drink at a time!

Blurb Photo Books - Want the perfect coffee table book filled with timeless memories?  Give your loved one a Blurb photo book compiled with pictures from family vacations, throughout the year, photoshoots, and even from Facebook and Instagram.  We loved our Blurb book and think you will too*!

*Receive 25% off your next Blurb photo book purchase with coupon code GIFTIDEA.  Offer valid through December 12, 2012 (11:59 p.m. local time). A 25% discount is applied toward your product total with a minimum order of 1 unit or more. Maximum discount is CAD $150 off product total. Valid for printed books only. This offer is good for one-time use, and cannot be combined with volume discounts, other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous orders.

Happy shopping!


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