{swank} review: CostumeSuperCenter.com Spiderman Costume #Halloween

Hallowe'en is coming up faster than we can say boo and that just means it's time for parents to scramble for the perfect costume for their little ones.  Why not head over to CostumeSuperCenter.com, your complete supercenter for all things costumes!

I've been hyping Lil J up for Hallowe'en this year even though I'm not quite sure he remembers what it was from previous years {he just turned 3}.  Every time I ask him what he wants to be for Hallowe'en, his answer never changes:  Spiderman.  How can I say no to this kid?!

We searched CostumeSuperCenter.com for their selection of boys Spiderman costumes and decided on their newest design - the Spiderman Movie Classic Muscle Costume.  It looked the most realistic and I loved the foam "muscles" that are attached to the costume - seriously cute for a 3 year old!

Lil J anxiously waited for his Spiderman costume to arrive in the mail and when it did, he wouldn't take it off for a good week.  Okay, exaggeration aside, let's just say that the costume was part of his regular every day wardrobe - at least inside the house.  I automatically loved the realness of the costume - my little man actually looked like Spiderman!  The mask completely made the costume and the fake muscles were the perfect touch for a mini superhero.

Lil J lounging as Spiderman!

The quality of the material is what you would expect from a store-bought costume.  It's super thin and can be easily ripped.  In fact, our costume actually came with rips at the seams in two different places.  While it wasn't really a big deal for me {I could just sew it up at the seams}, I was told by my contact at CostumeSuperCenter.com that costumes are usually inspected by the manufacturer before it is sent to CostumeSuperCenter.com and if a costume is defective, CostumeSuperCenter.com offers free shipping both ways for a new product - this also includes returns for sizes and exchanges.  I was, however, very impressed with how realistic Lil J looked as Spiderman and would definitely recommend the costume for any Spiderman fanatic!

Can you see Lil J's "Spiderman web"?

As for sizes, I would recommend ordering one size up as I find most Hallowe'en costumes to fit on the smaller side.  Lil J is wearing 3T-4T and I ordered a size small which fits a size 4-6.  The length in the arms and legs are a bit long but Lil J can eventually grow into it and will get more wear out of it in the long run.

So where will you be going to get your costumes for Hallowe'en this year?  CostumeSuperCenter.com of course!  Nothing beats their selection, prices and risk free shopping {free shipping for exchanges - both ways!}.

What are your kid{s} going to be for Hallowe'en this year?

Disclosure:  The views expressed in this review are my own and do not represent the opinions or views of CostumeSuperCenter.com  We received a costume from CostumeSuperCenter.com free of charge in order to conduct this review.  


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