Green Your Routine Challenge: Step 3 - Choose a Fun, Fit, and Sustainable Route to School

I wish I could say that we could have implemented a greener way to get Lil J and Miss S to school but they both go to {separate} schools that are a 10 - 15 minute drive from our house {and not to mention in another city}.  For us, it's not realistic to walk or take the bus, especially when the kids have before or after school activities at another location.

While I would have liked to encourage our kids and offer a greener transportation method to get to school, we decided to take this challenge from a different angle.  We usually drive to our local park when, in fact, we could easily walk or ride our bikes.  I would say both of the nearby parks are no more than a 10 - 15 walk so why not?!  Plus we were fortunate enough to have decent end-of-summer weather so we figured we'd enjoy it while we could.

Here's a picture of Lil J with his new set of wheels:

How do your kid{s} get to school?  Do you encourage alternate transportation methods?

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