Green Your Routine Challenge - Step 2: Watch How You Wash #GYR

During the week of September 3rd - 9th, our family switched our household products to Seventh Generation's eco-friendly products.  We introduced the Lemongrass and Clementine Zest Natural Dish Liquid, Free & Clear Natural All Purpose Cleaner and Natural 4x Laundry Detergent to our every day routine.

I love the idea that using Seventh Generation products will ensure that the health of my children and my family are in good hands.  Their products are made with plant-based ingredients that are family-safe, providing you with piece of mind.

The Natural Dish Liquid was a welcoming addition to our cleaning routine, starting with Miss S and Lil J's lunch containers.  We use a lot of containers every day to hold their lunches and snacks, and was unaware that most standard dish and laundry soaps contain petrochemicals, which are derived directly from oil.   Now that I know that our Natural Dish Liquid is a safer alternative to use to clean our dishes, I've pledged to always look at the "ingredients" of what I'm purchasing.  In addition, the Natural Dish Liquid is hypoallergenic which is easy on little hands - what better way to spend family bonding time than to wash dishes together! *insert evil laugh*

The Free and Clear Natural All Purpose Cleaner worked just as well as it sounds.  It washed away grime and rid our countertops of sticky residue with ease, all while smelling wonderful and clean.  It's non-toxic, VOC-free formula makes it safe to use all around the house and around the kids, and can be used on most surfaces including granite, marble and stainless steel.

Free & Clear All Purpose Cleaner in Action!
Finally, the Natural 4x Laundry Detergent made washing our laundry a breeze.  Any tough stains were lifted from the fabrics and the fact that the ingredients are plant-based and sensitive to kids' skin made it reassuring - especially for a mother with a newborn, like me!

Another reason I'm choosing to switch over to Seventh Generation products is because certain health issues such as asthma and allergies run in my family.  We don't know what the triggers are that set off the symptoms are, but we are aware that it could be a result of the cleaning products we use around the house.  By using plant-derived products and products that have natural ingredients, I'm one step closer to providing an all-around healthier home for my family.

Are you using "green" house cleaners in your home?  What made you make the switch?

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