when kids grow up

During our morning rush earlier today, I dropped Lil J off at daycare...or "school" as I like to call it.....and was rushing to get his jacket off, put his lunch in the Ziploc bag {which is then left in the fridge} and sign Lil J in.  I was all proud of myself for getting this done in less than 2 minutes and turned around to say bye to Lil J.

"Mooommmmyyy", Lil J says with his face slightly turned down and his eyes looking up at me.  It was a knowing, tell-all type of look.  A look that told me I had forgotten to do something.

Geez.  2 1/2 year olds grow up way too fast.

I looked down and realized that I had forgotten to take his rain boots off and put on his runners.  Was this really happening?  2 weeks ago, Lil J refused to take those rain boots off.  And now he's telling me to change them?

Did this kid mature overnight?

I thanked him for reminding me and he just sighed.  Man, this kid is too much.

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