christmas is in the air!

It's that time of the year again and our house is getting more and more festive by the day.  We put up our Christmas tree on Saturday while my husband caught up on some much needed "zzZZzzzzz's".  My two little elves helped me put the tree up - Lil J grabbing the branches of our fake tree which are colour coded {great way to practice his colours!} and Miss S helped me put the branches on and spread them out.  All the while, we listened to Justin Bieber's Under the Mistletoe about 5 times and Selena Gomez's latest CD once.  And I hate to admit this, but I'm actually really liking JB's Christmas music!!  Lil J and Miss S also put up window decorations using the sticky, jelly type stick-on's.  Lil J is so proud of his work!

As a slight control freak, sometimes I tend to try to limit what the kids do and try to do things myself without even thinking.  I'm trying to make a conscious effort to stop doing that and let the kids enjoy putting up decorations themselves and remind myself that not everything needs to look perfect {a recent picture of my house will show that it is beyond looking perfect.  Hey, I never said I was a neat freak!}.  In saying that, I wanted Lil J to feel included so I let him help me decorate the tree {surprisingly, Miss S didn't have any interest in decorating the tree}.  I also told him not to touch the ornaments that were already on the tree and he seemed to understand me.  He did take interest in one silver bell, though, which he kept taking on and off, on and off.

It was amazing to see the sense of accomplishment in Lil J's face.  We're going to do some more decorating tonight and I'll post pictures of the results!!

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