out of the mouth of: lil j

It's been a while since I've posted but that doesn't mean life hasn't been hectic as usual!

When Lil J was...well...younger...it was hard for me to think about the fact that he would soon be able to communicate with me...through words!  He's been putting together sentences left and right {"I almost fell down!"}.  The other day, this is what he said to me:

Lil J:  Where's money?

Me:  I don't know hun.  Where's the money?

Lil J:  You have money and Daddy have money.

Me {thinking}:  How the heck do you know that??!

For the record, Lil J is not even 2.5 years yet!  I think he's somewhere around 28 months but it's hard to keep track nowadays....

What funny statements has{have} your child{ren} spit out lately?



  1. I know it happens so fast! My son is the same age, and didn't start talking until his 2nd birthday. Now he tries to say it all!

    My favorite latest expression is, "Oh man! Made a mess."

    Whenever he wants something of mine, "Mommy, share it please!"