christmas shopping 101

Christmas could not come any sooner in our household.  I just can't wait to see the joy on my children's faces as they open their presents.

I am very proud of all of the deals I found online and in stores this year.  I did a majority of my shopping online - mostly on Amazon and Walmart.com - and had my packages either shipped to Blaine or to the store itself.  Both shipping options were free and the packages that I picked up in Blaine had a minimal $5 fee.  The results?  Absolutely amazing and completely stress-free.  There was no waiting in line, no screaming kids, no crazy parents and no difficult sales clerks to deal with.  As long as you know your prices, online shopping is the way to go.  I know it'll be the only way to go for me next year with a baby and toddler in tow.

Now I'm pretty sure my hubby doesn't read this blog but just in case he does in private {babe, consider this your warning}:  TO MY HUBBY:  PLEASE REFRAIN FROM READING THE REST OF THIS POST UNLESS YOU WISH TO SPOIL AND UNVEIL YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY OPEN THEM.  THANKS BABE :)

So now I just have to share with the rest of you some of the great deals I found online.  Here are the kid's Santa presents:

Radio Flyer 500 {for Lil J} - Regular $109 - 130.  Paid $69 at Walmart.com with free shipping via Site to Store.  I'm hoping all the pieces are in tact as they shipped it without the original box.  Will have to check when I get home.
Photo courtesy of radioflyer.com
 Justin Bieber Cardboard Cutout {for Miss S} - paid $34.99 on Amazon.com with free shipping.  Saw it a week later for $29.00

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

And now for my hubby's gifts which totalled under $100!!  We made a pact this year to go easy on spending for each other and this is what I found:

Puma El Ace {black leather} - Regular $60.  Paid $39.99 in-store at Finish Line {also available online}.

Photo courtesy of puma.com

Dearfoam Slippers - Regular $36 at dearfoam.com.  Paid $9.99 in-store at Marshalls
Photo courtesy of deafoam.com
And last but not least - for the little kid inside of him:

Nerf N-Strike Stampede and Bandolier, ECS-50 Kit - N-Strike regular price $44.97, Bandolier regular price $9.98.  Paid $34 for the bundle at Walmart.com.  I saw it a week later for $29 for the bundle.

Photos courtesy of nerf.com
My hubby's gifts came to a grand total of $83.98!!  How's that for some bargain shopping??!



  1. Wow!! Good job!! Don't you hate it when you see it cheaper a few days later, tho!? Grr...! However, the fact that you are pretty stress-free about it makes up for the extra few dollars, doesn't it!

  2. I do! One of my biggest pet peeves! It has been pretty stress free this week - not really having to worry about anything except wrapping presents.