the journey 2.0: waiting period

In the midst of all of this Christmas chaos, there is one very major thing that is constantly at the back of my mind.  The 29th cannot get here soon enough!!  That's the day of my next monthly check-up and, for some reason, I am extremely anxious to hear my baby's heartbeat.  It could be that I don't really feel like I'm pregnant right now {I'm not complaining - I know a lot of women out there would die to trade positions!} and it's making me..well...very anxious.

I don't remember feeling this way when I was pregnant with Lil J.  I think I kind of just went through the motions because it was my first pregnancy and the worst case scenario never came to mind.  Except for that night where I looked out the window every 30 seconds for my husband's car because he was late coming home and I couldn't get ahold of him.  All I could think of was that something had happened to him and my baby was going to grow up without a father.  Of course, that didn't happen and he was home within the hour.  It was funny because I did a lot of reading while pregnant with Lil J and came across an article where a mom recounted her situation where the exact same thing happened to her!

Despite my anxiety, I'm sure everything will be fine.  My hubby pointed out last night that my belly looked bigger than usual {duh!}.  Actually this is what he said:

Hubby:  Whoa babe stop sticking your stomach out!

Me:  I'm not!

Hubby:  Yes you are! 

Me:  No, really.  I'm not!

Hubby:  {looking down in awe}

Me:  It's pretty big already, huh?!

Hubby:  Ummmm, YEA!!!

I love my hubby.  Yes I do. 

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