the journey 2.0: first vivid dream

Last night I had my first vivid dream since becoming pregnant.  In the dream, I woke up to my husband panicking because, apparently, I had birthed triplets in my sleep.  Triplets!!  Can you even imagine?!

We thought, 'How could this be?  None of the ultrasounds showed two extra heartbeats and I had been going to my regular checkups.'  It was just so strange!  My husband found the babies in small cardboard boxes wrapped in blankets.  The first two were alert and extremely healthy looking but when my husband took the blanket off the third baby, he was purple and non-responsive.  I instantly took the baby in my arms and within a few seconds I felt him move.  And then, cry.  This part of my dream was probably a result of an article I had read earlier in the day about an Australian mother who unknowingly used 'kangaroo care' to basically give back the gift of life to her son {I'm tearing up just thinking of it}.

The dream was so real that I actually almost believed I actually was pregnant with triplets when I woke up this morning.  I honestly can't even imagine.....

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