beds and monsters

As Lil J is getting "older", I have more and more things to think about.  One being when he will graduate from his crib to his "big boy" bed.  My plan was to move him to his bed once he started trying to climb out of his crib.  But for some odd reason - and this boy is a climber - he hasn't mastered that yet.  So when exactly do you put your toddler in a "big kid" bed?

I have no idea but I've already started planning out his "big boy" room.  My package from Australia finally came from sweetpeas for kids and inside was Lil J's monster bedding set.  Miss S and I picked it out after endlessly searching online for the perfect monster pattern bedding.  There weren't very many options, or maybe I just wasn't searching properly.  Anyways, we finally settled on this amazing bedding set that was visually appealing as well as eco-friendly {it's organic!!}.  I haven't opened the actual package yet but I'm going to tonight - so excited {over bedding?  Yes, it's a mom thing}!

We still need to get a mattress which we will hopefully buy this weekend.  Then we need to set up his bed {which was thankfully handed down from his older cousin} and let him know that he has a "big boy" bed!  But first we need to figure out what to do with my husbands clothes and that ugly drawer chest we have in Lil J's room.  That thing has got to go!

Project Monster, here we come!!


  1. My boy isn't yet 3 but he is still happily tucked into his crib. I plan to keep it going until he either tries to get out or around his 3rd birthday. First off, we didn't even get to use the crib for the entire first year (slept with me), so I am glad we are getting so much use out of it now! He also really loves his crib and when I asked him if he wanted a big bed he cried out, 'no mama! I sleep in my crib'. Which I find hilarious.

  2. That's awesome! I'd much rather him be in his crib for as long as possible so we'll see what happens.... :)