dear lil j: photo booth time!

To My Funny Son,

Tonight we spent 15-20 minutes before your bedtime {and it was already past your bedtime} taking silly photos via Photo Both on my iPad.  Here are some of them:

square head

stretched faces

Some are creepier than others:


And we were having so much fun, Mommy didn't realize that you were super tired.  I even forgot to ask Grandma if you napped today.  So we kept taking pictures:

just the...four?...of us!

11 Lil J's!!

x-ray vision

Finally the fun ended and we decided it was time to go to bed.  You head-butted me so hard on my eye that I seriously wanted to cry.  Then you punched me twice {I didn't see any of this coming - it was pitch black - but apparently you could see exactly where Mommy was} and when I told you that it wasn't nice {in a "mean" Mommy voice}, you knew it was wrong and you cuddled up beside me in an effort to say "I'm sorry".

Then two seconds later, you were out like a light..and snoring!  It looked a little something like this:

sleepy Lil J

Thanks so much for making the rest of Mommy's night so fun!  Love you sooooo much!!


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