the testing twos: personality changes

Since Lil J has turned 2 {2 weeks ago!}, I have been bracing for the phenomenon known as the terrible twos.  So far this is what I've noticed about changes in Lil J's personality:
  • He is VERY vocal.
  • He likes to boss people around.
  • He likes to punch {not just hit} Mommy - anywhere.
  • He likes to pull Mommy's hair really hard and sometimes chunks will fall out.
  • He has a mind of his own.
  • He is very persistent and doesn't like to give up.
  • His favourite word is "outside".  "Go outside" is his favourite sentence.  He always wants to be outside!
  • He hates his crib most of the times and refuses to go to bed on his own {could this be because Grandma was spoiling him during the day with his naps and now I'm spoiling him at bedtime?  Probably...}.
  • He needs Daddy to lie in bed with us in order to get to sleep at night.  Otherwise he will scream "Daddy, Daddy, Daaaaddddeeeeeee" until either I bring him to Daddy or Daddy comes into the room.  It's almost as if I'm torturing him and only Daddy can save him.
  • He loves anybody's shoes but his own.  He is also very impressive when he puts on Mommy's stilettos and is able to walk in them like a pro!  {Yes, I too am worried about feet problems down the road.  My husband is worried about something completely different.}.
  • He is a very picky eater.  He doesn't really like sweets {yes!} and he prefers fruits and veggies over junk food any day {with the exception of Que Pasa tortilla chips}.
  • He is very protective over Grandma.  Any time his sister, cousin, or 15 year old uncle goes anywhere near Grandma, they actually have to ask permission to touch, hug, or kiss her.  Lil J will either nod his head yes or say "yes".  Otherwise, they will get a beat down.
  • He loves to sing and dance.  His favourite artist is Rihanna and he loves Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".
  • He's known how to work an electric piano since 18 months and has since taken interest in guitars.
  • He can say many words {some of which I wish were not in his vocabulary} and is starting to put together sentences {minus a few key words}.
  • He knows what he wants and how to get it.
  • He throws tempter tantrums at home when he doesn't get his way.  He is on his best behaviour out in public.  I guess I prefer it that way anyways {devil in disguise}.
  • He loves soccer and balls.  Any kind of balls actually.
  • He also loves hockey thanks to his Uncle {@soapjam}.
  • He isn't as shy as I once thought he was.  He tears up the gym during gymnastics class.
  • He is very caring and passive around aggressive kids his age {not with his sister, cousin, and uncle as described above}.  But he silently gets them back, so far, without any violence.  All in all, he knows how to hold his own.  He's slick like that.... {Daddy wishes he would hit back.  I do sometimes too :)}.
  • He knows how to read a book already!  Well, he can point and name the pictures but that's a start. Hey, it's a baby's first word book!  I'm just a proud Mommy who likes to slightly exaggerate. 
  • He LOVES his tricycle!
  • He likes to help Grandma water her flowers.  He even has his own watering pot!
There are so many other things I can list, so many more new things that Lil J does or says every day. 

In honour of Lil J turning two, I am going to begin a new segment which I want to title "Terrible Twos" but have settled on titling "The Testing Twos", as Lil J is always trying to find new ways to test me and my husband.

This should be interesting.....

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