the journey 2.0: no longer a secret...

When I first started this blog as a way of having a place to write my thoughts about motherhood and track Lil J's milestones, I kept it pretty much a secret from my friends and family.  Possibly because I was worried I may be sharing too much information.  Or maybe because I started blogging about my journey to motherhood #2.

The journey to conceive Lil J was kept a complete, guarded secret between my husband and I.  Nobody knew we were trying or that we had been trying for as long as we did.  According to most baby websites, 10 months was the average it took for couples to conceive.  It didn't always happen right away and, sometimes, wouldn't happen naturally at all.  I remember wanting it so bad and being so disappointed every month when it didn't happen.  Finally, when I stopped stressing about it, a couple months later it actually happened!  And we waited the traditional three months before telling anyone.  I wonder if I'll be that careful the second time around.

I can already say...probably NOT!  I have tipped off a couple of my friends about my (now not-so-secret) blog and Twitter account in hopes that they will enjoy reading my blog and try their luck with my giveaways that I have started doing.  But then I remembered that I have started blogging about my journey to motherhood (2.0) and now that's not much of a secret either!  My own brother was the first out of my family and friends to tell me that he actually reads my blog so I'm totally busted.  He did, though, promise that he wouldn't tell mom or dad.  Hopefully.

So basically what I'm trying to say is that my second journey to motherhood probably won't be much of a secret.  I'm not going to yell from rooftops but I will continue to blog about it and my friends and family brother will get the inside scoop.  And this journey will no longer remain a secret as my first journey was.


  1. Heehee and here I thought I was the only one who kept her blog and Twitter a secret as much as possible ;)

  2. I was keeping my blog sort of a secret but then I'd have coworkers come up to me about how they googled some topic about babies and Vancouver...and my blog came up with a picture of me. So...not so secret!

  3. Too funny ladies! I only recently told my hubby about it! It's like a top-secret other life haha. I hope my co-workers don't find me....

  4. I too kept my blog a secret from my family and husband. Some of my family read it but I still won't let my husband see it. Blogging is my little escape/hobby. It's funny how we can blog to the world before our closest family.