single words are for babies....

In August of last year, I was listening to my niece, who is one year older than Lil J, and she was speaking to me in (somewhat) full sentences and I remember thinking that this is what Lil J will be doing by this time "next year".  It was hard to believe at the time but now here we are living "next year"!

Lil J has been busy trying to comprehend new words since he started talking and he's been saying single words here and there - like "no", "outside" and "come" among the many.  Now, out of the blue, he's been putting together words like crazy - like "thank you, mommy", "thank you, daddy", "go outside", "look car", "bye bye car" and "love you too".  I am so, so excited!!  My little boy is actually conversing with me in something other than gibberish!  It's unbelievably cute and surprising every time something comes out of his mouth.

But at times it can get slightly annoying.  Like when he says pulls my arm and says "come" 50 times when I'm trying to do dishes or send off a quick email.

I'm so proud of my little boy though that the annoyance part is hardly noticed.  Every day is a new word, a new sentence.  I can't wait to hear what my boy has to say to me when I get home from work today.  This has got to be the best surprise(s) since Lil J's birth!!

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