dear lil j: daddy, daddy, DADDY!!

To my (no longer) baby (who thinks he's a big kid now),

Last night as I was going through our normal routine of reading bedtime stories - well, now you actually read me bedtime stores - and a big (sippy) cup of milk, we were getting ready to go to bed when all of a sudden you broke out into tears and kept saying, or should say screaming, "DADDY, DADDY, DADDY!!".  For some odd, strange reason, you only wanted Daddy.  What ever happened to just being a mama's boy?  I like that very much.

And so only Daddy could put you down to bed last night.  At around 12:30am!!  I woke you up this morning at 7:20am and you were wide awake and in such a good mood.  I was all ready for Lil J Cranky Pants!  Go figure.

I forgive you for not being a mama's boy last night and I still love you forever and ever.


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