swank deal of the day: Hallmark cards & more!

Since I keep finding these amazing deals, I'm thinking of just posting them as a daily thing but not necessarily every day.  Just whenever I find these deals.  Because I definitely don't want to spend money every day (not exactly true) and my husband has a secret panic attack every time I bring home a new shopping bag.  I know he does!
Yesterday we went to The Bay in Metrotown and I found Hallmark cards and a Fiskars oval shape template for 99 cents each!  I went crazy mad stocking up on cards for the rest of the year.  It seriously made me sick thinking about how much I spend on greeting cards.  Especially when most people just throw them away.

I'm a pack rat so I keep every single one of my cards.

Just saying.

My hubby was also proud of his deals at The Bay.  He got Lil J a Baby Bjorn potty for $10, Boon Fluid sippy cup for $3 and a double pack of Diego sippy cups for $4.  Everything was marked down plus an additional 60% off.  He looked down at that shopping bag with such pride and joy.  Like he had accomplished something so profounding (is that a word?), that he forever altered the future.

See?!  Shopping bags are not your enemy.

- swank|mama

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