i became the mom i said i wouldn't be

Before I became a mom, I told myself I would never be one of those moms that neglect themselves.  And here I am, toenails so long they look like Aunt Hilda's, so many split ends I don't think a haircut will help and (this may be TMI) desperately in need of a bikini wax.

Tonight I decided to fix one of the above.  I gave myself a "pedicure".  This consisted of a quick removal of a month and a half old polish (yes, gross right?!), swift cutting of my toenails (thank god) and speedy application of base coat, two layers of polish and top coat, which I did way too fast because half of the nails need to be redone.

Did I become the mom that I vowed I would not become?  Sort of.  I mean, I make sure I get myself ready in the mornings before Lil J wakes up to make myself presentable at work.  I try to keep makeup minimal and to just straighten my hair quickly with a straightener.  But because my hair has become comparable to Rapunzel or that character from "Tangled", the hair part is probably taking longer than it should.

I really need to call my hairdresser. 

And my waxing lady.  She's amazing.  My hubby thinks I have a love affair with her because I will refuse to go anywhere else to get waxed.  But you women and mamas know that once you find the perfect one, you do not go anywhere else!  That goes for my hairdresser too.

So I do have freshly painted nails....no more hideous overgrowth.  Okay, that's exaggerating but I kind of felt like it looked like one of those evil witches from the Disney cartoons.  You know, with the warts and all.  Kidding.

- swank|mama

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