the journey 2.0: blogging and double strollers

By now you would have thought that I would have told my husband about my blog already.  But no, I hadn't and when I was telling him yesterday about how I was thinking of expanding my blog to include reviews and giveaways, his response was:

"You have a blog?"

I have to admit - when I first started my blog, I was kind of embarrassed.  We're very private people and we don't like to share everything with anyone and everyone. We do tell his mother a lot but not everything.  Some things in a relationship should be kept private.  But then I came across this phenomenon known as mommy bloggers.  I read and read and was intrigued.  I could do this, I thought!  At first I was an occasional blogger - one or two blogs a month.  Now I try to write one a day or every two days.  I have loyal followers on Twitter and I'm currently working on my blog and Facebook followers.

I was also worried that he would think I was sharing too much information.  I don't use our real names but I do post pictures and lately I have been sharing our "journey".  I hope that he enjoys my blog when he does read it.  Oooops...I forgot to tell him my blog name...an accident, really!

Anyways, back to what I was saying.  I was telling him about my ideas for reviews and giveaways and how I would eventually like to review a stroller.  I told them that I hope they send me a double stroller.


His response:  huge, wide eyes and a grin that stretched from cheek to cheek.  Not a bad reaction at all.  Maybe we are ready for baby #2....and kid #3.  Miss S is getting so much older now I cannot refer to her as a baby anymore (as much as I'd like to).

I have to admit that I secretly checked out folic acid in the pharmacy aisle at Walmart yesterday.  I almost bought a bottle but thought I should check the expiration date on my old bottle first.  Huge step..or should I say...baby steps.

- swank|mama


  1. Sometimes I wish I had a totally anonymous blog where I could go and share my rants and crazy work stories and all the unique people I get to meet :)

  2. One of my sister-in-law's just found out about my blog after I found her on Twitter. I guess we all have our secret online lives for a while haha..