the journey 2.0: almost ready!

Over the past month, we have experienced two devastating loses in my husband's family from cancer and it has got me to thinking about my journey to motherhood...again.  I keep thinking that life is too short and that I (or we) should just take the plunge and get knocked up because we never really know when our time is up.  I have been carefully planning our next baby (my hubby says it's up to me - whenever I'm ready).  When we should start trying, if we should buy a bigger place first, if I should finish more classes first, etc, etc.  All the while, Lil J and Miss S are getting older and we aren't getting any younger.

Should we just "wing" it?  Not "plan" anything and just see what happens?

I look at the tears of sorrow around me and think that I shouldn't wait any longer.  As I learned with Lil J, you can never be fully prepared for a baby.  It is never really the right time.  Not everything will be perfect at first but everything will fall into place.  Everything is meant to be.

So I'm thinking of suggesting to my hubby that we should just see what happens.  See where this road takes us.  Sure, babies are expensive.  Sure, they require a lot of work.  But they are sooo worth it!!  And I think I'm pretty much ready to embark on this next journey....

- swank|mama

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