mid-term exam

It's 11:15pm and I just completed my online mid-term exam.  It was more of a practice exam in preparation to our final exam and, apparently, does not count towards our final grade.  I still stressed about it despite that fact.  It was a combination of multiple choice, true and false and short answer questions.  So far, I got 37/50 with an extra 12 marks to be marked by my instructor so it looks like I have the potential to get 49/50!!  I think.  I wonder which one I got wrong now...dammit!

Yes, I push myself hard.  My work is paying for my course and I don't want to look like I'm stupid to my boss when I submit my grades.  Plus, I've always been hard on myself when it comes to education.  Except for that phase I went through in my last couple years of high school and even my first year in college.  I pretty much thought I was above everybody and didn't really care about my grades.  If I knew then what I know now, I obviously would have taken a different approach.  But you can't change the past.....

So hopefully I got the full 12 marks.  I'll have to cross my fingers and wait and see.  Especially since I screwed up on my last assignment and didn't write it in the format that the instructor wanted it to because...well...the instructions weren't clear.  I might have to fire off an email to him.  Give him my two cents.

One thing that is annoying is that my husband doesn't seem to be taking my schooling seriously.  I know I have other duties and responsibilities at home as a mom, wife, maid, etc. (okay, so I'm not so much a maid as I am a mom and wife.  My husband would argue that he is cleaner and more anal at keeping the house clean than I am - and I would have to, reluctantly, agree), but I am beyond overwhelmed.  I keep expressing the fact that I need extra time to do my readings, online discussion input and assignments (all in one week), and every time I say this to my husband, he just rolls his eyes and says stop complaining.  Excuse me, but I barely have enough time to do everything when I don't have school and now when you add school to the mix, I am just exhausted and cranky by the end of the day!

The one thing I asked my husband before I signed up for this course was if he supported me and would demonstrate his support by helping out in the evenings and weekends with Lil J.  It seems like I always have to nag him and remind him that I have a heavy workload for him to actually spring into action and not take naps after work or do other unnecessary things while I'm left holding down the fort with 30-40 pages to read and an assignment due the next day.

If any of you mamas are out there in the same boat, please feel free to vent!  If you have any suggestions of how I should manage my time more, let me know!  I would LOVE to hear your input.

- swank|mama

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