dear lil j: phase #5785236....

Dear Lil J,

This morning for the first time in almost a couple months (give or take - it's hard to keep track nowadays!), you woke up super happy with a million smiles and hugs for Mommy!!  You had been going through a difficult, clinging phase every morning where you would scream and cry at the top of your lungs and pull and tug on my jacket as I was trying to leave for work.  It was so heart wrenching.  I prayed and prayed that it was just another one of your phases.  You would also squirm around when I tried to change your diaper and you would resist being changed into your clothes.

I am crossing my fingers that today is the start of another phase.  I am cheering you on.  I love, love, love your hugs, smiles and laughter first thing in the morning.  Especially since Mommy is not a morning person and I tend to be grumpy.  But you put me in a wonderful mood this morning.  Thank you!

I love you more than you could ever imagine.


- swank|mama

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