the journey 2.0: are we really ready?

Nights like this, I am really reconsidering my semi-decision to expand our family.  First off, Lil J will not put himself to sleep in his crib anymore.  We either have to stay with him until he is relaxed and groggy or we have to let him fall asleep in our bed.  Tonight, he screamed every time we put him in his crib and wouldn't fall asleep in our bed.  I tried for over half an hour to get him to sleep in our bed - not counting the other hour I tried getting him to fall asleep in his crib.  My hubby even tried putting him to sleep but he was also busy with Miss S and her never-ending homework and lack of brains.  Miss S and her homework is a whole other (frustrating!) post in itself.

I have no idea what Lil J is doing right now.  I don't hear screaming so I'm guessing my hubby has picked him up and his feeding him.  Or maybe he's soothing him because I've lost all patience tonight.  Am I a bad mom for giving up?  I'm over-tired, over-worked - but my hubby probably is too.  Not to mention, I haven't even started studying for my mid-term exam which is due on Wednesday night.  I'm royally screwed.

And after I finish writing this post, I'm going to feel guilty and get up to see what I can help with in coaxing Lil J off to a distant slumber....to dreamland he goes.....hopefully!

Just another day and venting in the life of ....

- swank|mama

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