dear lil j: a look into your future career

22 Months and 25 Days

Dear Lil J,

I wish I took a picture at the mayhem you caused this weekend.  On Saturday, I left you for less than a minute so I could grab my laptop from my room and you had taken 4 keys off your Daddy's laptop!  Daddy wasn't too happy but he did sure punish Mommy the next day when Mommy was in the washroom getting ready.  I came out to find that over half of the keys on MY laptop have been removed by you with a FORK.  Daddy was pretending to nap on the couch.  Nice.

You are all about technology.  Anything with a plug or remotely electronic - you will touch and play with for hours.  A number of people think you're going to be an engineer or work in IT or somewhere in the field involving computers.  Whatever you do, I will be proud of you.  Whatever you end up doing in your career, I will support you.  People can make their assumptions now - and it's fun to see what other people are thinking about you - but, ultimately, it's up to you to follow your dreams and do what interests you.  Do what makes you happy.  Not what others expect of you.

I wish I had started my blog from the day you were born.  Or while I was pregnant.  But I was new at blogging and I didn't really understand the concept of it.  I am glad, though, that I have started blogging regularly and hope to continue this road so that you can have an idea about what a beautiful soul you are.

I love you so, so much!


- swank|mama

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