i'm a godmother!!!

Over the weekend my sister-in-law called me to ask if my hubby and I would be godparents to their newborn baby boy.  Of course I said yes!!  My first godchild!  It made me feel so special!

It was the day before the Christening that I received the phone call so I quickly went to my laptop and searched "godparents" in Google.  I don't have godparents and I have never asked to be one, so I didn't really know what the responsibilities of a godparent were.  I wasn't raised with a religion.  Lil J was Christened when he was 7 months old out of respect for my mother-in-law and my husband's family tradition.  His godparents are my sister-in-law (different one from the one who just had a baby) and brother-in-law (the baby's father).

It was surprising to read that the duties of a godparent is no longer considered to lead the baby spiritually in life, but instead serve as a mentor and friend.  "I can do that!", I thought.  And then the very next day, I was officially a godmother!!

Not a very good godmother as I didn't take ANY pictures of the special day (shame on me!).  But I do have pictures of baby, his big brother and Miss S ........

- swank|mama

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  1. How exciting for you! My little guy doesn't have god parents, but my older sister has 2! She loves doting on them and is active in their lives. So sweet.