our geocaching adventure

This weekend's weather was nothing short of the typical Vancouver weather that we know (and love/hate) so well - especially on Saturday.  We started the morning off at Jadon's hockey practice trying to avoid the torrential downpour from the car to the rink and just ended up getting soaked to the bones.  All I could think of was doing some sort of sun dance (kidding, not kidding) because after hockey, Jadon and I were headed to Stanley Park for a geocaching hunt with EnviroKidz at their Ecokeepers Discovery Day.  Thankfully, the wishing and praying for the rain to disappear ended up being successful!

After a quick brief with the Ecokeepers' team, Jadon and I were off on our first geocaching adventure!  Our first destination was the stone stairs leading to the beach, and while we didn't really know what we were getting ourselves into, Jadon made sure he took full advantage of the weather clearing up!


Honestly, we weren't the best at geocaching (we found all of the locations, but not the geocaches) and we may have been freezing our butts off, but the one-on-one time with my main guy was well worth it!  After reviewing everyone's #Ecokeepers posts on social media, I can attest that the geocaches were cleverly hidden ;)  It wasn't a total bust for us though - we ended up with a swag bag full of EnviroKidz goodies which made Jadon very happy on the way home (three granola bars happy!).

And Zoe didn't waste any time getting her hands on the swag bag, haha!

About The #Ecokeepers Program

EnviroKidz is a family-focused brand that encourages positive change in young minds.  Their Ecokeepers program is all about getting kids outside and discovering the world around them to develop a life-long relationship with nature.  According to the Ecokeepers website, studies have shown that kids who spend time outdoors:

  • are happier and less stressed
  • see a boost in classroom performance
  • have enhanced problem solving skills and imagination
  • are leaner
  • can experience a reduction in ADHD symptoms, and
  • better understand the need to nurture

Did you know that the Ecokeepers program is free to camps and schools?!  The program provides an interactive explorer activity to encourage children's natural curiosity and sense of discovery, while providing them with free EnviroKidz peanut-free, gluten-free, organic and non-GMO granola and snack bars to help fuel their journey.

If you're interested in bringing the Ecokeepers program to a school or camp near you, email ecokeepers@envirokidz.com for more info!


Disclosure:  All opinions in this review remain my own and do not reflect the opinions or views of EnviroKidz, the Ecokeepers program, and/or their affiliates.  We received a form of compensation in order to complete this review.  

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