back to school wish list

Is it true?  Is summer really coming to an end?  Over the past couple weeks, I've been seeing a ton of back to school posts on social media, stores stocking up on school supplies and parents roaming the malls with their kids in hopes of beating the back to school crowd, and I feel like I'm still oblivious to the whole thing.  I had planned to go to the uniform store yesterday to pick out Jadon's new school threads and completely forgot - oops!  All I can think about are beaches, play dates and the sunshine! After all, summer isn't over yet!

Jadon is going into grade 2 (I keep saying grade 1 and he's going to kill me!) and can hardly contain his excitement at seeing his friends again.  Sasha is starting grade 11 and I thought she'd be dreading going back to school, but I just talked to her via Skype the other day (she's currently in Russia visiting her mom for the summer) and she told me she was really excited - mostly to see her friends as well.  Zoë is hopefully going into preschool, but I haven't even gotten on that yet.  I swear, September came waaayyyy too fast.

So all this back to school craziness made me think of all the new gear that kids are wanting nowadays.  Let me just say, their options are a lot cooler than they were in the '90s when I went to school...

1. Backpack:  Herschel Supply Co. | 2. Coloured Pencil Set:  Design Life Kids | 3. Bento Box:  ECOlunchbox | 4. Cooler Bag:  So Young Mother | 5. Pencil Case:  Herschel Supply Co. | 6. Gel Pens:  Poppin | 7. Water Bottle:  S'well | 8. Runners:  Nike | 9. Tee:  Modern Fort | 10. Hat:  Whistle & Flute | 11. Ruler:  Poppin


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