Tea party

Yesterday Tuesday was a fun but busy day for me.  The morning started off with me waking up to my alarm at 5:30am, rolling out of bed at 6am and finally remembering 20 minutes later, with a contact in one eye, that I didn’t actually have to be at work until noon.  I had taken the morning off to attend Lil J’s Mother’s Day tea party at his preschool. Seriously, my all-time favourite way to wake up.

I made a quick decision to roll back into bed as quiet as humanly possible, to not wake the kids up.  Aside from being startled awake by hubby an hour later {he thinking I was late for work}, I had a pretty restful “nap”.

Then, it was time for the real day to start.  I quickly got both kids ready and we made our way to the preschool.  Once we were there, I was totally amazed at how well-behaved both of my kids were – at the same time!  We had tea, fruits and cookies, and Lil J made the most amazing little flower bouquet.  Each flower was cut by hand and even the paper wrap was hand-painted by Lil J.  Definitely a proud mom!

And if that’s not all, after he gave me the bouquet, he told me he made the flowers for me “because I love you, mama”.

Heart. Melting.

Next up was a brave painting session with both Lil J and I wearing white, and Baby Z wearing her brand new sweater tunic.  Luckily, not a spot touched our clothes; although, I can’t say the same for their hands, arms and faces.

Then, it was off to work for me while hubby took the kids home.  After that, I raced downtown to attend WeCapella – an event geared towards bloggers and content producers.  We spent the evening connecting and re-connecting with fellow bloggers and writers, and listening to the experiences of an esteemed lineup of panelists.  It was definitely nice to get out for a few hours with some friends and no kids.  I kind of felt like myself again.  For a minute.

The rest of the week I’ll be busy preparing for Baby Z’s birthday party – what little bit I can squeeze in after the kids go to bed.  All I have to say is:

TGIF tomorrow!
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