SwankWeekends: "Me" time, a new look & preschool activities

The past weekend was a perfect mixture of “me” time and one-on-one time. On Friday after work, I decided that I was going to be selfish and take a nap before I headed out with a couple of girlfriends for the night. Hubby tried his hardest to get me to put Zoe down for a late nap but I refused. After all, I had already warned him earlier in the day that I needed the nap, otherwise, how would a girl enjoy herself on a night on the town? In the end, everything worked out: I got my 30 minute nap, and Zoe and hubby got their almost 4 hour nap. Funny how things work out, hey?

And it just so happened that getting out with a couple girlfriends is exactly what this girl needed! We started out at an outdoor lounge for drinks, then headed to two more restaurant/lounges for food and more drinks, and ended the night at one of my favourite (back in the day) clubs to dance the night away.

Not so happening was the next morning, which meant waking up earlier than any human should want to on a Saturday morning and getting Jadon ready for his weekly gymnastics class (to which I basically got scolded by the coach because my son wouldn’t listen. Have you ever heard of “off” days?).

Did I mention this weekend consisted of “me” time? Because the next few hours looked like this:

And voila!  {sorry for the blurry photos but that's as good as it's going to get today.}

This is the absolute lightest my hair has ever been and I’m loving it. It’s perfect for summer and perfect for an upcoming girls trip to Vegas!

By Saturday night, the entire family was so exhausted we all ended up going to bed just after 11pm. If you following our Instagram posts, you’ll know that this NEVER happens!

Now imagine a deep, blissful night’s sleep only to wake up at a time where you’re probably already having your second snack before lunch and realizing that you have exactly 40 minutes to get ready, get the kids ready and fly out of the house for a one-off sports class at your local community centre. Then picture almost forgetting your son’s ice skating gear just as you’ve put the key in the ignition and noticing that the time is actually the time you’re supposed to be at the community centre.
Yeah, a total moment.

Of course everything ended up working out in the end, just as Friday night did. Jadon reluctantly participated in his sports class (after a little bribing, he ended up having a blast), had enough time to play at a playground with some Spring sunshine and made it to ice skating class on time (at another community centre – don’t ask). Only his third class in, he’s already gained the confidence to skate without assistance and declared that he now wants to play hockey instead of telling me that he hates skating because he keeps falling down. Awesome.

What did you get up to over the weekend?

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