dear baby z: where did time go?

Dear Baby Z,

It's like it happened all of a sudden.  One day you were a baby - babbling, crawling {or shuffling} and needing assistance in all aspects of your life - and then the next, you were an actual person - talking, pulling yourself up to a standing position and cruising along furniture, and climbing up on benches where you now prefer to eat your meals {no more high chairs for you!}.
Okay, you were always an actual person but all these things happened within a week and it made me miss my little baby!  But it also made me extremely proud that my baby was growing up.
No more high chairs!

Within the last week, you've started saying the names of all your cousins {clearly} and you're also getting more confident on your feet.  You're probably not aware, but you can stand with only one hand on something to support you - a definitely sign you're almost ready to take off on your own!  Your uncle James is still "BAAAA" to you and you've been saying "mama" and "dada" for as long as I can remember.  Every time you say your brother's name, you say it in a soft, quiet tone and when you say your sister's name, it's high-pitched and loud.  Just writing about this is making me smile.
And because you've been hitting all of your milestones one after the other, we have a feeling that you'll be walking by the time you're 18 months but I'm secretly hoping that you'll hold off until we get back from our Vegas trip.  That's right baby - we're taking you to VEGAS!!  Can't wait to see how you'll do on your first plane ride {I am a little nervous}!


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