weekend with the crosses: vino, Suits, gymnastics & a photoshoot!

I will never understand why the weekends fly by so fast.  Most of us work five days a week longing for the weekend to come and then when it does, those two days end up being a complete blur.

As soon as I got home on last Friday afternoon, I pretty much poured myself a glass of wine.  Despite it being a short four-day week, it felt LONG.  And I was so over it.

I also tried writing a blog post but decided on spending time with the kids and hubby.  Once the kids were in bed, hubby and I cuddled up on the couch and watched one of our favourite shows, Suits

{Oh, Harvey, how your one-liners mesmerize me.}

Last Saturday was spent getting the kids ready for a day out.  First, it was off to Lil J's gymnastics class, followed by a quick trip downtown to BeautyMark for their annual sidewalk sale.  I scored with a $6 Cargo lip gloss {regularly $24} and Lil J scored a free Freezie.

Saturday morning

Next, it was off to the mall to pick up Miss S and get ready for our photoshoot with the lovely Justine of B Life Photography.  We spent the evening with Justine at a local park while the kids had fun blasting through the trails on their scooters and checking out the resident animals:

After all the action we had on Saturday, the next day was spent lazing around at home.  It didn't help that Baby Z and I slept in until NOON!!  Yes, you read right - noon.  I don't remember the last time that happened.  Definitely made for a groggy Mommy and a nice lazy Sunday.

We'll be posting more about our experience with Justine and B Life Photography soon.  Stay tuned!

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