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As each year goes by, I begin to realize that it's the little things that matter the most.  I used to resort to store-bought gifts for the kids to give to Daddy for Father's Day but in the last couple years, I've tried to become more creative.  And thank goodness for all those creative bloggers out there!

Here's what the kids gave Daddy back in 2011:

I honestly can't remember what we did for him last year.

This year I came across this cute idea from Amy of Positively Splendid.  She has created a collection of free printables for this Father's Day photo collage project with everyone in mind.  Instead of using chalkboard cutouts, we had a whiteboard that we took up to a local playground and all three kids wrote why they loved Daddy {with the exception of Baby Z, of course - we just guessed her answer!}.

Although our grammar isn't incorrect {I thought the printable said "We Love Daddy Because..."}, I'm loving what I was able to create using the collage feature in Picasa.  It took me the whole day a while to figure out how to edit the photos using Picasa {first time user} but once I did, I was able to get it to look exactly how I wanted it to.  Now I'm just too lazy to drag all three kids to the park again to do another photoshoot to correct the grammar issue.

I'll be picking up the print from Staples once it's ready and will post the final product on my Father's Day post {coming soon!}.

I'd love to hear what your kids are up to this Father's Day - please share in the comments below!

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