sleep training 2.0

Now that we're nearing the end of May, and I'm due back to work full-time at the end of July, I figured what better time than to sleep train Baby Z and get Lil J back into his big boy bed.  If you follow me via Instagram and Facebook, you would have seen me candidly post my day-to-day {or in this case, night-to-night} shenanigans on how I was getting Lil J to sleep {and stay} in his own bed.

It was pretty much like sleep training all over again.

There were a lot of threats of "you can't go to gymnastics tomorrow" or "you can't go to so-in-so's party if you don't go to sleep in your own bed".  Of course, I felt bad as soon as the words left my lips but it seemed to work  The first night was full of "I don't want to sleep by myself's" to a little bit of crying but he ended up falling asleep by himself.  The few nights that followed, with the exception of night #4 {see below}, were the same but the whining was less and less.  Now he just kisses me goodnight, smiles, says I love you, and tells me I'm his best friend.  What mother doesn't want to hear that?!


As for Baby Z, I decided to sleep train her as soon as Lil J was comfortable in his own bed.  Just like I did with Lil J, I went ahead with the "crying it out" method.  I even posted it on my Facebook page and, boy, I wasn't prepared for the backlash that status update caused.  But that's a whole other story.

The first night Z cried for about 20-30 minutes.  As heartbreaking as it was, I knew I had to try and let her essentially cry it out.  Finally, I decided I couldn't take it anymore and just as I was about to get up to get her, I heard silence.  I waited and waited but heard nothing.  We had just gotten through our first night of sleep training!

The second night she was pretty much asleep when I put her down, the third night she cried for about five minutes and the fourth night she cried for 30 seconds.  It hasn't even been a week and I can now put her down fully awake and she won't utter a peep.  Needless to say, the "CIO" method was successful for us once again!

Can you hear the sighs of relief?

Now Mommy can actually get stuff done while the kids sleep - cleaning the house, catching up on blog posts, or indulging in a glass of wine and Real Housewives!  What took me so long?!

How old were your kids when you decided to sleep train them and what method did you use?

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  1. Sleep training can often be a hot topic between parents. Especially when we do things very differently, and always because we feel that we are doing the right thing (for our family).

    Our little one is an easy sleeper and goes down in her crib with no problem. She co slept next to me until close to 12 months and then transitioned to her crib with total confidence and ease and no crying. Her biggest problem is waking up as soon as a peak of sun comes up. Time to invest in some problem curtains!

    Our oldest also co slept and we never 'trained' him. He just transitioned smoothly. He has never been the kid who gets out of bed...but we also kept him in his crib till 3 years old. He goes to bed with no fights and now that he is older we let him read books on his own until he falls asleep.

    Sweet dreams!

    1. That's awesome Andrea! Mothers always know what's best for their children and what works well for themselves & their family. Isn't it such a relief once both kids are sleep trained?