"you need friends mama"

"You need friends Mama"

That was a direct quote from none other than Lil J.  We were lying down in bed a couple nights ago saying our goodnights after a candid read of "Green Eggs and Ham" and that sputtered out of his mouth.  Really?  You think Mommy has no friends?  Hehe.

All I could do was laugh!

Now I know how my almost four year old sees me.  To him, I'm probably just a butt-wiper, tantrum-tamer, chauffeur-driver, food-maker, bath-giver, bedtime story-teller, crazy person that talks like a drill sergeant all day long.  And while he's at preschool, I just go home and hang with the baby.

{Well, that's kind of true!}

But believe it or not, my son, I do have some friends.  We see each other every now and then - sometimes when you're at preschool.  We catch up on our lives, gossip and other female things that probably won't interest you {ever}.  We trade parenting stories wondering if we're ever going to get it right and we don't see each other as often as we like because life has gotten so busy.

So you see, my son, I do have a life.  And that life is you and your baby sister.  You are both my life.

And I do, occasionally, have friends.


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