dear lil j: you're almost four!

Dear Lil J,

I can't believe in two short months you will be FOUR!  Seriously, where did the time go?  As we were putting you to bed tonight, I looked at you as Daddy held you and you looked so long.  So big.  It makes me want to turn back time yet I'm so excited to see what the coming years will bring.

Today I kind of took a blackmail picture of you.  It's a picture that'll definitely be on your wedding slideshow one day {I have a lot of those, by the way}.  Basically, I'm making your baby sister a tutu and you sort of modeled it for me.  It's taking all of my strength not to post the picture here - my Instagram might not be as forgiving.

Did I mention I might possibly have a video too?

You better do what Mommy says or else...

All kidding aside {for now}, you sure are testing both Daddy and I.  You're pressing every last button you can think of and pushing the annoyance envelope to oblivion but, at the same time, you make us laugh so hard we want to cry.  I guess right now you're trying to see where you can overstep your boundaries and figure out which parent you can play in different situations.  Don't worry - we're onto you.  Well, sort of.

You also know how to write your first name and type your first and last name on the computer {Daddy taught you that one!}.  You know how to count up to at least thirty, if not more, and you love tearing up the gym at your gymnastics class.

I'm already planning your fourth birthday party!  I have so many things swirling in my head it may explode.  I blame my Pinterest addiction.  All of this planning and preparation is so worth it when I hear you say these exact words, "You did this for me Mama?  Oh, thank you!  That's so nice of you.  You're my best friend!".  End quote.

Ah, you sure know how to work a girl's heart.  I just hope my heart is the only girl's heart you work until you're at least, say, 30ish.

Wishful thinking.

Love you like green eggs and ham,

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