dear baby z: happy nine months!

I meant to post this two days ago, on February 22nd, but motherhood got the best of me.  Here's a love letter to my beautiful baby girl...

Dear Baby Z,

Today you're nine months old!  I'm sorry my letters to you have been so infrequent but our daily lives have been extremely busy that by the time you and your brother are in bed, I'm either passed out too or on the couch curled up with a full glass of wine.  You'll understand when you're older!

I feel like every day something special happens with you.  Whether it be watching you discover the world around you or seeing the strong bond that you have with your brother or watching you get excited when Daddy and your sister get home from work and school, you never fail to amaze me.

Your legs are getting stronger although you're not quite ready to crawl yet.  You sure do love rolling around on the floor your play gym/mat and you love your exersaucer.  That thing really gets your legs going - and stronger too!

You've taken a liking - a serious liking - to solid foods.  At first I was only feeding you food that I had personally steamed and pureed, but now you're eating anything and everything that I give you.  Since your two cute little bottom teeth popped up a few weeks ago, I've been experimenting with different foods that are not pureed - something I didn't do with your brother.  Yes, I threw the "try a new food once a week" rule out the door about three weeks into your solid food journey.  And did you know that you can polish off an entire cup of applesauce in one sitting?  That's my girl right there!

Judging by your squirmy movements and the way you try to lift your entire body up while you're on your stomach, I think we're going to have a mobile baby exploring her way around the house pretty soon!  Good thing I've been teaching your brother to put away his tiny Lego pieces in advance to your next big milestone.

And your hair is growing like a weed!  It's mostly straight but you have these cute little curls curling up at the ends.  I can't wait to see how your curls naturally form - it'll be a perfect combination of your Chinese and Jamaican heritage.

Keep up your beautiful smiles and giggles, my baby girl.  They light up my day like you wouldn't believe.



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