dear baby z: 4 months & growing! #loveletters

Dear Baby Z,

You're just over four months old now and, unfortunately, just caught your first cold.  It's been a few days of stuffy, runny noses but overall you've been coping really good.  Instead of sleeping through the night, you'll wake up once or twice for a quick feed and then you fall right back into a deep slumber.  I don't mind at all - it's probably because you're feeling under the weather.

Sleeping Beauty

We've had a busy month!  Your brother started preschool in September so we've been busy shuttling him back and forth as well as going to his gymnastics, soccer and floor hockey classes.  You're pretty much a pro at all of this and take everything in stride.  A couple days ago we watched your brother at his gymnastics class for an hour and you spent a good 40 minutes in my lap, happily sucking on your hands and "talking" away {yup, you're a hand sucker!}.  I've noticed that you're drooling a lot more and wonder if it's due to teething or if you're just getting excited to see me.  I hope it's the latter...

You also make these crazy grunting noises - super cute but also sort of scary sounding.  Seems like you leave those grunts when you're trying to talk to your older sister and brother.  They seriously cannot get enough of you!

I tried putting you in your Bumbo seat today but I think it was a little too much for you.  I'm thinking that by the end of the month your neck should be stronger and the Bumbo will become Mommy's your best friend.

I'm trying to cherish all these small moments and trying not to panic that you are already four months.  That means in two months you'll be eating solids.  I almost want to cry.

We're also gearing up for October birthdays {your daddy, aunt, uncles and Gong Gong} and...Hallowe'en!  Can't wait to see what month #4 brings!


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