tick tock, tick tock

As a mother of two, I can't tell you enough how fast time flies.  One minute you're looking at a baby and the next you have a preschooler that speaks like a broken record.

The other day I was screaming at my iPhone that kept flashing messages such as "memory full!" and "you have no more memory!" {wow it really knows me!} and wishing that I had listened to my brother and gotten the 64GB instead of my measly 32GB.  I've already uploaded most of my pictures and videos to my computer but can't seem to part with them on my phone.  Is that a mom thing?

As I'm scrolling through the pictures, I'm amazed at how fast four months can whiz by and how much things can change within those four months.  I'm overjoyed that Lil J and Baby Z have this undeniable bond and that I can already see a big brother being extra protective over his little sister {watch out boys - Baby Z comes with a built-in bodyguard!}.

I can't get enough of these two and every time I look at pictures of the both of them it makes me want 500 more babies.  Of course that's impossible but I often wonder if one more might be possible?  Shhhh...don't tell the hubby....yet!

Did time fly by faster for you after your second, third or fourth child?  Looking back, what would you have done differently, if anything?

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